8 years, 6 months ago.

Is there an update to the SoftwareSerial library?

I am in need of a software serial library for my GPS receiver, but this one doesn't even compile yet. I am willing to help if I can to get this up and running.

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8 years, 6 months ago.

Removing the namespace stuff from the .h file allows it to compile. (And don't forget the closing accolade from the namespace stuff).

Since it is fairly hard to run out of UART's on an mbed I guess this was never made by anyone. A very quick scan of his library doesn't show anything like an interruptIn, so I guess receiving won't work yet.

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how can I use your sofserial library to interface a 1 wire text lcd. Please guide me Erik.

Thank you

posted by jayendra mishra 07 Jun 2016

If there a library that uses regular Serial, simply import SoftSerial and replace the old Serial statements with SoftSerial. (And include SoftSerial in the libary).

posted by Erik - 07 Jun 2016