Seeed Arch GPRS V2

Arch GPRS V2 is an mbed enabled development board with Arduino form factor and Grove connectors. It’s convenient to connect existing Shields and Grove products to Arch GPRS V2. You can even connect a solar panel directly to the board to allow for the battery to charge from it. A low-power design guarantees easy charging and long hour operations when outdoors!


  • mbed enabled
    • Online development tools
    • Easy to use C/C++ SDK
    • Lots of published libraries, projects
  • NXP LPC11U37 Controller
    • Low power ARM Cortex-M0 Core
    • On chip 128KB Flash, 12KB SRAM, 4KB EEPROM
    • USB Device, UART, I2C, 2xSPI
  • SIM900 Module
    • Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) GSM/GPRS support
    • Supports external SIM card: 1.8V/3V
    • Control with standard AT Commands
  • Select automatically USB5V or Solar panel to charge a battery



Download New Program

The button of Arch GPRS is specially designed to provide two functions:

  • Quick press to reset
  • Long press to enter USB ISP mode, a CRP DISABLD disk will pop up.
    • On Windows, replace firmware.bin with your program binary file
    • On Linux/Mac, use command: dd if={program.bin} of={firmware.bin}

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