What is Mbed Enabled?

The Arm® Mbed Enabled™ program aims to ensure that developers can use Mbed technologies (Mbed OS, and others) across a range of qualified hardware. In order to achieve a consistent experience for developers, Mbed Enabled defines a set of functionality and performance requirements that the hardware and software support libraries must meet. This enables developers to rapidly evaluate, prototype and productize by focusing on the application code of their embedded device functionality regardless of their hardware of choice.

Program Benefits

For Developers and Product Makers

  • Identify hardware products which meet the latest Mbed technology requirements.
  • Assurance that the hardware and relevant software comply with best practices for ease of development.
  • Consistent experience and compatibility across Mbed Enabled products of the same program category.
  • Confidence that the product is supported by hardware vendor and Mbed engineers.
  • Provide transparency to both developers and hardware vendors about the technical requirements and supported features.
  • Rapidly evaluate, prototype, and productize embedded solutions by abstracting the complexity of embedded development.

For Hardware Vendors

  • Get your product designed in mass-production commercial solutions in a growing IoT market.
  • Make your product known to the Mbed developers and Mbed ecosystem by having product-specific pages on the Mbed site with links to documentation, tutorials, and other materials.
  • Clearly identify your product as ‘Mbed Enabled™’ by using the program's logo on your site, marketing material and products.
  • Show your product at the Arm trade shows.
  • Have the opportunity to feature as an Arm Mbed product case study and participate in Mbed marketing activities like blogs, social media, events and so on.

Program Categories


Focusing on evaluation and rapid prototyping, boards are development platforms that integrate microntrollers or modules with components to make a system that Mbed OS runs on. Most often bundled with a debug circuit and peripheral connection options.

Mbed Enabled requirements for Boards


Hardware components extend the capabilities of microcontrollers, modules or boards, and include the associated software libraries for Mbed OS.

Mbed Enabled requirements for Components


Hardware circuits and accompanying firmwares that is used for development, debug and testing software that runs on Arm based microcontrollers.

Mbed Enabled requirements for Interfaces

How to apply

Before applying you should determine the correct Mbed Enabled program category for your product and review the latest Mbed Enabled requirements for that program category.

You should then visit the How to Apply page containing detailed explanation about the Mbed Enabled process and also where to ship samples of your products.

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