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WiConnect 2.0 is released !!!

21 Oct 2014

Check out the new release notes here:

Designed to substantially reduce your time-to-market - WiConnect just got even better!

Notes for WiConnect v2.0

• This version provides higher throughput for the AMW004 module (Wallaby) - up to 10Mbit/s on the UART ! • Adds support for the AMW006 module (Numbat). • Stream mode stability is enhanced. • New features include a UDP server, and a TLS server providing a secure extension to the TCP server functionality. • File management is improved with the ability to download files from, and upload files to, an HTTP server. • Multiple variable configurations can be saved as named files and reloaded. • Variable configuration can be maintained through an OTA upgrade. • There is precise management of the memory used for the Tx and Rx network pool buffers. • Greater transparency and access to information such as connected clients, AP status and network join results.