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Crash oh upload

21 Feb 2014

i updated my firmware as recommended and i went to compile a blink sketch and when i drag and drop the .bin the board crashes and reopens the folder without the file in it

any help here?

i have all the jumpers configured correctly!

Edit: i'm using windows 8.1, beta mode is on, i compiled in chrome and copied the file over in windows trying both drag and drop and copy-paste

22 Feb 2014

Well, how do you know the board crashes?

The file disappears because it has already been written to the flash of the target... That's the expected behavior.

23 Feb 2014

as soon as i upload before anything shows up the target dissconnects from my computer and as far as i can tell it does not run the program even after reset

my mbed offical board keeps the .bin file in memory even after its flashes, this target does not

23 Feb 2014

I am having the same issues. Find any solutions?

23 Feb 2014

I managed to fix my issues. I was originally running the older firmware and had trouble installing as the hot linked drivers are Win 7/8. There are different drivers for Win XP accessed through the ST site. After fixing the install issues and upgrading the firmware, everything works fine now.

Note that as a previous poster mentioned, it will auto eject and delete the file when it comes back online. Try running a test code which blinks an LED to make sure its programming correctly.

23 Feb 2014

@Alyx, that is intended behavior. There could still be a problem, but only the two original mbeds, LPC1768 and LPC11u24, keep the bin file in memory. The others don't have a memory to keep it in, so they program the target immediatly.

25 Mar 2014

I've been having similar troubles. First, if i download directly to the Nucleo I get a download failure because the file fails the virus scan. This only happens with my Nucleo boards.This doesn't happen on my linux machine, only the Windows machine.

Next, programs compiled under L401 don't run on the L401, but if I compile them under L152, they do run.

Very curious.

23 May 2014

I am having the same problem too. I can't get the blink program to work on this board on Linux. The firmware on the board has been updatd to the latest version (using the st-link program on Windows 7).

I'm going to upload the bin file from Windows 7 and see if it still has problem.

Update 1: This also happens when uploading bin file on Windows 7.

Update 2: After updating 'mbed' library, the compied bin file transfered to Nucleo via Windows 7 works, while the same code does not work on Ubuntu. This is so strange.

Update 3: (NO MORE PROBLEM) After updating mbed lib to revision 84, the bin file can be uploaded to the board on Ubuntu 14.04. Anyone else who may have this issue, ensure your mbed lib is up to date.