The FRDM-K66F is a low cost development platform for KinetisĀ® K66, K65, and K26 MCUs.

K66 SD card Clif Notes

28 Feb 2018

Just to make the path easier for those that walk it behind me, I found these links useful in getting the SD card with a FAT file system to work:


Error codes:
- they're actually POSIX return codes, but this is handy, too

- this is the library you can import into your program if you're using the web-based compiler


  • If the examples above don't work for you, check whether the card you're using needs the extended partitioning - eg., it's > 2GB. I had some difficulty until I used a 2GB card, instead.
  • You shouldn't need to format or initialize the card with the mbed libraries to use the card; a properly FAT formatted SD card should work as-is.