How can I setup ECC demo, including ECDHE/ECDSA with mbedTLS and Python ?

13 Sep 2017

I have tried mbed-os-examples-tls-benchmark, it seems RSA is too heavy for STM32. Therefore I try to setup a ECC based authentication scheme without RSA. ECDHE agreement is used to generate a key used for later AES encryption.

However, it is hard to build a working demo. It is easy to find demo for Python, they are good and easy. It is difficult in embedded side, I have tried mbedTLS, microECC and other sources.

For mbedTLS, I don't know how to run ECC in a limited resources. For microECC, I found shared secret always has same result, although I have entered different random numbers. For other *TLS, I have no idea about how to run them properly.

So far I am trying to build a test demo, by using UART as its transport layer, rather than socket API.

I find a very new repo: But I have no idea how to run it.

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