LPC1549 CAN interface library

29 Apr 2014


I raised this questions about 2 weeks ago. I did receive some community help, but wanted to get more some official help with what I consider an important library for the LPC1549. CAN is a major peripheral so it seems strange that it would not be supported out of the box. I understand that these are newer boards and that I should not expect everything to be done for me, however I would argue that the boards are designed for convince and quick prototyping which hinges on quick code development.

Link to my questions

It would be nice to get some more official help on this and help make such a capable device more useful for the community.

There has been somebody who has built a CAN library for the LPC11C24 (which has the same or similar CAN controller) which is in the repository.

Right now I am both limited in time and skill due to traveling for work, but I would very much like to be writing code while traveling, which a official library would be a great deal of help.

Thanks for any input and/or help people can provide.

21 Jun 2014

Hi Travis,

no official help from here, but i took the code from the LPC11CXX and modified it for the LPC1549. It compiles (with GCC_ARM), but it is not tested, yet: https://github.com/chrta/mbed/tree/lpc1549_can

I reviewed the code and the registers of the CAN controller seem to be the same. I did not change any logic in the driver.