Blinky on PSOC6 - CY8CKIT-062-BLE kit

06 Mar 2019

I have followed the tutorial on the site many times trying to get this to work. I did post on the mbed forum and have yet to get an answer. How do I get this to work? Does it work? I am beginning to regret deciding to move to ARM mbed for the upgrade of my product. I thought based on what I read it would be a fairly simple port. But I cant even get a 'hello World' app to run on this platform.... I am not a novice and this is upsetting. Please help. Best Regards, Rob Berry

01 Oct 2019

Hi, Unfortunately it has not proper support on the Online compiler and you have to use mbed CLI. I would recommended you to start with board which has full mbedOS enabled.

I you want to stay with the PSOC6 check that Mbed CLI is ok.

Regards, Pekka