Ethernet working (show of hands, please)?

14 Jan 2011

A quick note, if you want a way to test your mbed on a PC with ethernet, AND have an easy way to program it, check out

It is a BASIC language that works on the mbed programmable through a web page served by the mbed.  It includes a .bin you can drag to your mbed and immediately get started.


14 Jan 2011 . Edited: 14 Jan 2011

Thank you, Daniel, I will try that out - haven't had time to study it yet, and, after a look at the sites, it may take me some time. I am grateful for the information, so thanks again and best wishes, harry

And hello Louis once more. I connected my mbed directly to my modem as you suggested, and immediately two programs worked that hadn't before. So problem solved, thank you very much again, best wishes , Harry

26 Mar 2011

I'm trying to get the mbed to send WOL packets so i have created a debuggable setup and i'm having the same problem. I'd like to see all traffic between the WOL-client and the WOL-server so i have put an extra network card in my workstation, hooked that up to a 10Base-T hub and added the WOL-client and the mbed to the hub. I can see all traffic except the mbed.

The embed does *not* auto-negotiate properly to the 10Base-T hub. With a test program i can force it to "HalfDuplex10" and then i can see traffic in Wireshark.

The two workstations (both with gigabit adapters) negotiate just fine to 10Base-T.

My problem now is that i want to use the EthernetNetIf library but cannot set the link state there.

Does anyone have any solutions ?