MBED Hardware Questions

04 Jul 2011

1. Where are the descriptions for the pins VB, nR,IF-,IF+ ? I can't find them. 2. What if a voltage is applied on the VIN, is it ok to connect the usb cable to the computer (mbed supplied twice?) 3. Are the 5V USB (VU) from the usb connector, or also available if a voltage is applied to VIN, but no usb cable from the computer connected?

Thanks a lot for your help!

04 Jul 2011

1. IF- = USB D- and IF+ = USB D+, nR is for the external Reset with high to low activation

2. Yes it is OK. You are not going to have any problem.

3. You can have the +5V only when you have the USB cable

This will solve all your questions: http://mbed.org/media/uploads/chris/mbed-005.1.pdf