Graphic LCD Displays

19 Apr 2011

Has any-one managed to get a QVGA, (Around about 400 * 300 Pixel) display to connect to the MBED ?

My thoughts were to use a PSP, iphone or NDS screen, because they are readily available from e-bay etc.

I really do not want to use one of the more expensive ones from Farnell



22 Apr 2011

yes. I have got a 640 x 480 running off port 1 in 8 bit mode.

Akifumi 'Tedd' Okano (ATO) who posts on this forum helped me a lot - I am a novice and really only use the API's.

I used a Newhaven 8 bit device at around $104.

I have all the graphics primitives (light up pixel, draw line, rectangle filled/unfilled, draw circle using midpoint method, draw circle using trig method, and some graphics fonts. There is also a function to display a .bmp file.

Again, I got all these off the web and then modified them (with lots of help from ATO).

I can publish the code (next week Monday) if there is interest. Note, I will not have the time to support it due to a big move coming my way. Maybe we can then get other more expert programers to contribute to build a more complete library.

22 Apr 2011

Sounds good, I am looking into a PSP - 1000 Display at the minute. I think it might be a very nice solution. Cheer


23 Apr 2011

I am also working on it..i have 7 inch 800x480 screen..still finding ways to work with.

25 Apr 2011

PSP, iPhone, and NDS are all controller-less screens. The same is most likely true for the 800x480 model. You probably want to look for a screen with an on-board controller.

25 Apr 2011

Yep..LCD is without controller. But i have also bought it's driver module.So bare LCD can accept composite or VGA video.But both are still not reliably developed for MBED.Currently i am driving VGA with Cyclone III FPGA..

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