wchar support on mbed?

21 Aug 2015

mbed is pushing further into connected devices into reality. Recently I am designing mbed based design to support CDMA/GSM in one board to monitor CDMA base station for a local operator.

However I found int8l and localization is not well supported in mbed. GSM uses 7bit GSM/ASCII to support English and other European locales, and Other languages are encoded into UCS2.

If this design is done on Linux (or PC), that will be much easier, since we can use wchar to support message, packages operations. And libc.h also implicts that wchar is supported by arm-none-eabi-gcc. But it doesn't get enough support from Keil and other compilers.

But I did found TCP/IP stack uses wchar / tchar / unsigned short in the code.

./SDFileSystem/FATFileSystem/ChaN/integer.h:28:typedef unsigned short WCHAR;

Is that enough? Should we implement wm*() wc*() by ourselves?

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