Code Editor Issue- Selects Wrong Character.

16 Jul 2010 . Edited: 16 Jul 2010

I have this issue in Windows and Linux, Chrome and Firefox....

I'm using the released editor not the beta editor.  More often than not, when I click on a character or space that I want to strart typing at it jumps to the space or character previous to that chracter.  It's very annoying.  Is anyone else having this issue?

10 Nov 2010

Freddie, Are you still having this problem? I have been noticing increased lag times in entering text, moving between lines ... I made a post that can be found under "slow editor".

11 Nov 2010

This has happened to me before and its very annoying! Try editing code when the cursor doesn't actually point to the right character! I don't know how it comes about. It used to happen with IE and I think Firefox some time ago. I also had the compiler open for many many hours at a time but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. It would get worse as time (and frustration) went on.

But it hasn't happened lately :) . I think it had to do more with the actual system I was working on than the mbed website..

Oh, and sometimes.. The comments stop showing as green.. Also very annoying...

01 Dec 2010 . Edited: 01 Dec 2010

I have been noticing that the IDE is very slow when moving around.  Also, I still have the issue of when I make a selection it acutally makes the wrong selection.  I think there are some bugs.

07 Dec 2010

I switched to FireFox 3.6.12 from IE and it works much better.  No more slow scrolling and no more of the wrong text being selected.