Compile Regression?

17 Jan 2014


A project of mine that compiled in December no longer compiles. I get "Unable to download. Fix the reported errors...", but no errors are reported. Typically I found this after some tweaks to the code, but I have reverted the project back to earlier revisions and see the same.

Importing 'Hello World' project does compile, so I'm at a loss as to what to do.


07 Mar 2014

FWIW, logging in a month later and hitting compile, it compiles without issue.

Points to an mbed server issue. Not good.

07 Mar 2014

Hi Toby,

I see your account is set as a beta tester. It's possible that you were using a beta server at the time of the failing compilation, there are no betas running right now so you'll be using the same live servers as everyone else.

If you want to change your betamode setting visit

I don't know of any compilation issues from January, but I'll check for you. I'm sorry we didn't spot this forum post at the time. If you ever have compilation issues in the online compiler again please email as this will guarantee we'll spot the issue and start working to fix it.


07 Mar 2014

Thanks Steve, the support address is noted and most welcome!

FWIW I think I opted out of beta mode a while ago*, and if I go check now it says not active.

  • the fixes I needed worked their way into release, and then something happened that made me check whether it was beta mode causing it. I