New ethernetinterface won't work with udp broadcast packets

18 Sep 2012

Hi I am trying to Implement an artnet decoder using the new ethernet interface.Some functions of artnet require the use of broadcast packets but the udp socket doesn't seem to recognise them

if I set the the ip to a static address and run the example udp server it will print received packet from and my ip address quite happily but if I try to sent a packet with a broadcast address of it will ignore this

is this a bug or something that hasn't been planned for ?

could I also add a +1 for the ability to send a broadcast packet from the mbed

many thanks for your time


11 Nov 2012

Just revisited the mbed site to check on any Ethernet library progress and great news - a new library :-)

So tried it out for my UDP broadcast needs and immediately found this same problem. Is this going to be fixed (TX and RX) or am I back to my other development platform ?


11 Nov 2012

A while back I had to figure out how to do UDP broadcasts myself. see I've not yet progressed far enough to deal with receiving broadcasts, and had assumed they'd just work.

11 Nov 2012

Also, take a look at this project I did to do UDP broadcasting;

01 Mar 2013

We added support and examples for Broadcast and Multicast:

Cheers, Emilio