[BUG] AnalogIn reading error for mbed 5.12 & 5.13

17 Jul 2019

Hi, Found a bug in recent mbed5.12 & 5.13, as compiled a sampled template STM32_READ_ANALOG to run on STM32L432KC

The SW is to read the analog value from pin A4

I have attached the serial console captured shown that upper section readings (wrong readings) are based on mbed5.13 (similar result as for mbed5.12) and the lower readings are sw compiled from mbed5.11 that give the correct readings.

17 Jul 2019

Forgotten to attach the screen shot... /media/uploads/junhong/serialport_capture.png

05 Nov 2019

HI, the bug still exist and not resolved in newer revision

07 Nov 2019

Hi Lee JH, can you share this on github, report as technical bug please? Reference: https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os/issues

We will triage and share the bug report with ST in this case

07 Nov 2019

HI Martin, Thanks and I will post it on GitHub