Not getting notifications

16 Oct 2017

I'm not getting email notifications for discussions that I've started, or when I click the "Follow" button on mine or others. I only get them for the "question" posts.

Is this intentional, or a bug? I'd like the notifications for both comments and posts on both discussions and questions.

16 Oct 2017

Hi, This is a know issue currently under investigation as it seems to be affecting a subset of users. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Follow feature is intended to allow users to subscribe to conversations in discussion forums spread across the site.

21 Dec 2017

Hi, The website notification system has been recently updated and email alerts should work for the Follow option as well as others (blog posts etc). Please verify that notification preferences are set appropriately in your Mbed Accounts Settings page.

-Mbed Support

21 Dec 2017

Will this update resolve the spurious notifications I've been receiving lately? I've been getting notified of old posts, and of things that *I'm* posting.

21 Dec 2017

Apparently not, as got a notification in my dashboard about my preceding comment in this thread. Still needs work.

21 Dec 2017

Hi Brendan,

Thanks for the feedback, you're right and that shouldn't happen. We'll schedule some work early in the New Year to make sure your own comments/actions won't trigger notifications and will follow up here when that's completed.

Best, Phil.

21 Dec 2017

Hi Phil,

Thanks for that.

Additional details: I was notified of your latest comment here in my dashboard, but not via email. I do have the "Receive notification emails" option in my Profile / Account Settings checked. It did not go to my Spam/Junk folder.

21 Dec 2017

I have also been getting email notifications in the last days that were over a week late.

22 Jan 2018

Mbed Forum Team:

Notifications seem to be coming fairly promptly lately for threads that I'm following. Could you please now also fix a couple of quirks?

  1. I think users should be automatically subscribed ("follow") to threads that they start.
  2. Maybe also to threads in which they comment.
  3. Don't notify posters/commenters of their own posts/comments, regardless of whether they're following the thread.