ROS Mbed

07 Sep 2011

Hello everyone..

Did anyone here tried the ROSSerial Mbed programs?.It seems like some of the programs can't work properly.The libraries was ported from Rosserial Arduino to mbed by a user named nucho.I managed to run one of the program but others are not working.I'm new to this so can anyone help me?

10 Sep 2011

Hello Sundaressvar,

Did you import rosserial_mbed? Please carry out as follows, if you would like to use a sample.

  1. delete main.cpp
  2. The comment of the 1st line of a sample(in example) to use is uncomment.

I have checked Blink,HelloWorld,pubsub,Button_example,float64_test,array_test. But I have do not checked everything about samples. Sorry..

22 Sep 2011

Hello Nucho San,

Thanks for the trace & reply!.

Ok.I will try & info you.Anyway i assume the source will work like it did in Arduino.

Thank You very much :)


15 Dec 2012


15 Dec 2012

To Nucho San,

Hi.Sorry for the disturbance.I have successfully compiled it by deleting the MODSERIAL Lib because i found another one in the rosserial_mbed_lib.However,the Odom.cpp & TimeTF.cpp from examples is not compiling due to incompatible data type "a value of type "long" cannot be initialized an entity of type "std::int32_t*".

I have compared the files from ROS Arduino.It seems like Long can be used instead of uint_32?.I manage to compile one,using Long instead of uint_32.


16 Jan 2013


Thanks a lot for your Mbed rosserial package, it's brilliant I use it on ROS Electric and Ubuntu 04.10 and it works well. I'm now switching to ROS Groovy on Ubuntu 12.10, but it seems the package is no more compatible. I think the standards ros messages has changed (i.e. the MD5sum), and so messages are rejected by the rosserial python script.

Does you or Sundaressvar managed to get it working on ROS Groovy ? Or do you have some hints on how I could adapt it ?

ありがとうございます, Regards.