Frustration! - no LoRaWAN v1.0.2 library

17 Apr 2018

Excellent teaser article from ARM-mbed, but I am frustrated to find no active link to an example v1.0.2 LoRaWAN mbed library. Trying to import an example program or library witihin the online mbed compiler does not show anything that is obviously relevant.

I have LoRaWAN node hardware from STMicro, including both SX1272 mbed shield and the L072Z-LRWAN1 and really keen to try this.

I also have LoRaWAN node hardware from RAKWireless, USI and SPARKLAN and would love to try a minimal configuration, release profile with newlib-nano and without RTOS loaded.

I have been playing with the STM32Cube v1.1.5 LoRaWAN examples - is this all there is?

When should we expect beta or release code?

17 Apr 2018
17 Apr 2018

Excellent! no, I had not seen this, or seen it referenced anywhere.

I really like a github repo where the last update is only 4 hours old :-)

Thanks very much for this - greatly appreciated

19 Apr 2018

Quick update - I have written a recipe to build the LorAWAN node sample on a Mac for the STMicro DISCO-L072CZ-LRWAN1 evaluation board - check it out here: