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Data Fields
lctrCigCtx_t Struct Reference

Connected isochronous group context. More...

#include <lctr_int_cis.h>

Data Fields

bool_t enabled
uint8_t packing
bool_t isBodBuilt
bool_t isBodStarted
bool_t isRmAdded
uint8_t cigId
uint16_t cigHandle
uint32_t cigSyncDelayUsec
uint16_t isoInterval
bool_t isValid
uint8_t numCisEsted
bool_t isLoopBack
bool_t headCisRmved
uint32_t offsetUsec
uint32_t firstRxStartTsUsec
BbOpDesc_t cigBod
lctrCisList_t list
union {
   struct {
      uint16_t   cigEvtCounter
      uint32_t   anchorPointUsec
      uint16_t   lastActiveEvent
      uint16_t   totalAcc
   }   slv
   struct {
      uint8_t   numCis
   }   mst
PalBbBleTxBufDesc_t dataPdu [3]

Detailed Description

Connected isochronous group context.

Definition at line 314 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t anchorPointUsec

Anchor point in microseconds.

Definition at line 345 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

BbOpDesc_t cigBod


Definition at line 333 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

uint16_t cigEvtCounter

Event counter.

Definition at line 344 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

uint16_t cigHandle

CIG handle.

Definition at line 322 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

uint8_t cigId

Used to identify the connected isochronous group.

Definition at line 321 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

uint32_t cigSyncDelayUsec

CIG synchronous delay in microsecond.

Definition at line 323 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

PalBbBleTxBufDesc_t dataPdu[3]

Data PDU descriptor.

Definition at line 356 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

bool_t enabled

Context enabled.

Definition at line 316 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

uint32_t firstRxStartTsUsec

Only valid when headCisRmved is TRUE, timestamp of the first received frame regardless of CRC error.

Definition at line 330 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

bool_t headCisRmved

TRUE if the head CIS in the CIG is removed.

Definition at line 328 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

bool_t isBodBuilt

TRUE if BOD is built.

Definition at line 318 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

bool_t isBodStarted

TRUE if BOD is started.

Definition at line 319 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

bool_t isLoopBack

TRUE if all the CIS streams have been traversed once.

Definition at line 327 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

uint16_t isoInterval

Isochronous PDU interval in 1.25ms unit.

Definition at line 324 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

bool_t isRmAdded

TRUE if reservation is added.

Definition at line 320 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

bool_t isValid

TRUE if CIS parameters are valid and is able to be scheduled.

Definition at line 325 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

uint16_t lastActiveEvent

Last active event counter.

Definition at line 346 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

CIS linked list.

Definition at line 337 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

struct { ... } mst

Master BOD data.

uint8_t numCis

Number of CIS.

Definition at line 352 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

uint8_t numCisEsted

Number of CISs that are established.

Definition at line 326 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

uint32_t offsetUsec

Only valid when headCisRmved is TRUE, duration between the old anchor point and new anchor point.

Definition at line 329 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

uint8_t packing

Packing scheme.

Definition at line 317 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

lctrCisCtx_t* pCisCtx

Pointer to the current CIS context.

Definition at line 336 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

union { ... } roleData

Role-specific BOD Data.

struct { ... } slv

Slave BOD data.

uint16_t totalAcc

Combined sleep clock inaccuracy.

Definition at line 347 of file lctr_int_cis.h.

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