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Data Fields
BbBleSlvCisEvent_t Struct Reference

CIS slave event operation data (BB_BLE_OP_SLV_CIS_EVENT). More...

#include <bb_ble_api_op.h>

Data Fields

BbBleCisCheckContOp_t checkContOpCback
BbBleExec_t execCback
BbBleExec_t contExecCback
BbBleCisPostExec_t postSubEvtCback
BbBleCancel_t cancelCback
BbBleTxDataComp_t txDataCback
BbBleRxDataComp_t rxDataCback
bool_t isFirstTs
uint32_t startTsUsec
uint32_t rxTsUsec
int8_t rssi
uint8_t rxPhyOptions
uint32_t rxSyncDelayUsec

Detailed Description

CIS slave event operation data (BB_BLE_OP_SLV_CIS_EVENT).

Definition at line 307 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

Field Documentation

BbBleCancel_t cancelCback

Cancel callback.

Definition at line 313 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

BbBleCisCheckContOp_t checkContOpCback

Check whether to continue current operation callback.

Definition at line 309 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

BbBleExec_t contExecCback

Continue execute callback.

Definition at line 311 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

BbBleExec_t execCback

Execute callback.

Definition at line 310 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

bool_t isFirstTs

True for the first timestamp.

Definition at line 318 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

BbBleCisPostExec_t postSubEvtCback

Post subevent callback.

Definition at line 312 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

int8_t rssi

RSSI of the last received packet.

Definition at line 321 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

BbBleRxDataComp_t rxDataCback

Receive completion callback.

Definition at line 315 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

uint8_t rxPhyOptions

Rx PHY options.

Definition at line 322 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

uint32_t rxSyncDelayUsec

Receive timeout in microseconds.

Definition at line 323 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

uint32_t rxTsUsec

Timestamp of the received packet. in microseconds

Definition at line 320 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

uint32_t startTsUsec

Start timestamp of the first received packet in microseconds.

Definition at line 319 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

BbBleTxDataComp_t txDataCback

Transmit completion callback.

Definition at line 314 of file bb_ble_api_op.h.

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