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void PalBbBleEnableDataWhitening (uint8_t enable)
 Enable or disable data whitening. More...
void PalBbBleEnablePrbs15 (uint8_t enable)
 Enable or disable PRBS15. More...
void PalBbBleInlineEncryptDecryptSetDirection (uint8_t dir)
 Set inline encryption/decryption direction bit. More...
void PalBbBleInlineEncryptSetPacketCount (uint64_t count)
 Set the inline encryption packet count for transmit. More...
void PalBbBleLowPower (void)
 Low power operation. More...

Detailed Description

This section contains driver routines used for test modes.

Function Documentation

void PalBbBleEnableDataWhitening ( uint8_t  enable)

Enable or disable data whitening.

enableFlag to indicate data whitening.

Sets an internal variable that indicates if data whitening is enabled or not.

void PalBbBleEnablePrbs15 ( uint8_t  enable)

Enable or disable PRBS15.

enableFlag to indicate PRBS15.

Immediately enable or disable continuous PRBS15 bitstream. Setting the channelization parameters with PalBbBleSetChannelParam() must precede enabling PRBS15.

Use of PAL_BB_BLE_DATA routines is not allowed while PRBS15 is enabled.

void PalBbBleInlineEncryptDecryptSetDirection ( uint8_t  dir)

Set inline encryption/decryption direction bit.

dir0=slave, non-zero=master
void PalBbBleInlineEncryptSetPacketCount ( uint64_t  count)

Set the inline encryption packet count for transmit.

countPacket counter value, a 39-bit value
void PalBbBleLowPower ( void  )

Low power operation.

Called by upper baseband code.
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