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Data Structures | Functions

Data Structures

struct  BbRtCfg_t
 BB runtime configuration parameters. More...


void BbInitRunTimeCfg (const BbRtCfg_t *pCfg)
 Initialize runtime configuration. More...
void BbInit (void)
 Initialize the BB. More...
void BbRegister (BbBodCompCback_t eventCback)
 Register operation completion handler. More...
void BbRegisterProt (PalBbProt_t protId, BbBodCback_t execOpCback, BbBodCback_t cancelOpCback, BbProtCback_t startProtCback, BbProtCback_t stopProtCback)
 Register protocol handlers. More...
void BbRegisterProtLowPower (PalBbProt_t protId, BbLowPowerCback_t lowPowerOpCback)
 Register protocol handlers for low power. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

void BbInit ( void  )

Initialize the BB.

Initialize baseband resources.

void BbInitRunTimeCfg ( const BbRtCfg_t pCfg)

Initialize runtime configuration.

pCfgPointer to runtime configuration parameters (data must be static).

This function initializes the BB subsystem's runtime configuration.

This routine must be called only once before any other initialization routine.
void BbRegister ( BbBodCompCback_t  eventCback)

Register operation completion handler.

eventCbackEvent callback.

Register operation completion handler.

void BbRegisterProt ( PalBbProt_t  protId,
BbBodCback_t  execOpCback,
BbBodCback_t  cancelOpCback,
BbProtCback_t  startProtCback,
BbProtCback_t  stopProtCback 

Register protocol handlers.

protIdProtocol ID.
execOpCbackExecute operation callback.
cancelOpCbackCancel operation callback.
startProtCbackStart protocol callback.
stopProtCbackStop protocol callback.
void BbRegisterProtLowPower ( PalBbProt_t  protId,
BbLowPowerCback_t  lowPowerOpCback 

Register protocol handlers for low power.

protIdProtocol ID.
lowPowerOpCbackLow power operation callback.
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