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mktime functions


bool _rtc_is_leap_year (int year, rtc_leap_year_support_t leap_year_support)
 Compute if a year is a leap year or not. More...

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bool _rtc_is_leap_year ( int  year,
rtc_leap_year_support_t  leap_year_support 

Compute if a year is a leap year or not.

yearThe year to test it shall be in the range [70:206]. Year 0 is translated into year 1900 CE.
leap_year_supportuse RTC_FULL_LEAP_YEAR_SUPPORT if RTC device is able to correctly detect all leap years in range [70:206] otherwise use RTC_4_YEAR_LEAP_YEAR_SUPPORT.
true if the year in input is a leap year and false otherwise.
For use by the HAL only
Year 2100 is treated differently for devices with full leap year support and devices with partial leap year support. Devices with partial leap year support treats 2100 as a leap year.
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