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psa_crypto_invasive.h File Reference

PSA cryptography module: invasive interfaces for test only. More...

#include "mbedtls/config.h"
#include "psa/crypto.h"
#include "mbedtls/entropy.h"

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psa_status_t mbedtls_psa_crypto_configure_entropy_sources (void(*entropy_init)(mbedtls_entropy_context *ctx), void(*entropy_free)(mbedtls_entropy_context *ctx))
 Configure entropy sources. More...

Detailed Description

PSA cryptography module: invasive interfaces for test only.

The interfaces in this file are intended for testing purposes only. They MUST NOT be made available to clients over IPC in integrations with isolation, and they SHOULD NOT be made available in library integrations except when building the library for testing.

Definition in file psa_crypto_invasive.h.

Function Documentation

psa_status_t mbedtls_psa_crypto_configure_entropy_sources ( void(*)(mbedtls_entropy_context *ctx)  entropy_init,
void(*)(mbedtls_entropy_context *ctx)  entropy_free 

Configure entropy sources.

This function may only be called before a call to psa_crypto_init(), or after a call to mbedtls_psa_crypto_free() and before any subsequent call to psa_crypto_init().

This function is only intended for test purposes. The functionality it provides is also useful for system integrators, but system integrators should configure entropy drivers instead of breaking through to the Mbed TLS API.

entropy_initFunction to initialize the entropy context and set up the desired entropy sources. It is called by psa_crypto_init(). By default this is mbedtls_entropy_init(). This function cannot report failures directly. To indicate a failure, set the entropy context to a state where mbedtls_entropy_func() will return an error.
entropy_freeFunction to free the entropy context and associated resources. It is called by mbedtls_psa_crypto_free(). By default this is mbedtls_entropy_free().
Return values
PSA_ERROR_NOT_PERMITTEDThe caller does not have the permission to configure entropy sources.
PSA_ERROR_BAD_STATEThe library has already been initialized.
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