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include Directory Reference



file  hci_defs.h [code]
 HCI constants and definitions from the Bluetooth specification.
file  ll_defs.h [code]
 Link layer constant definitions.
file  wsf_assert.h [code]
 Assert macro.
file  wsf_buf.h [code]
 Buffer pool service.
file  wsf_bufio.h [code]
 Buffer I/O service.
file  wsf_cs.h [code]
 Critical section macros.
file  wsf_detoken.h [code]
 Token trace decode header file.
file  wsf_efs.h [code]
 Embedded File System service.
file  wsf_heap.h [code]
 Buffer heap service.
file  wsf_math.h [code]
 Common math utilities.
file  wsf_msg.h [code]
 Message passing service.
file  wsf_os.h [code]
 Software foundation OS API.
file  wsf_queue.h [code]
 General purpose queue service.
file  wsf_timer.h [code]
 Timer service.
file  wsf_trace.h [code]
 Trace message interface.
file  wsf_types.h [code]
 Platform-independent data types.
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