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Asynchronous SPI Hardware Abstraction Layer


bool spi_transfer_async (spi_t *obj, const void *tx, uint32_t tx_len, void *rx, uint32_t rx_len, const void *fill_symbol, spi_async_handler_f handler, void *ctx, DMAUsage hint)
 Transfer data returning immediately. More...
void spi_transfer_async_abort (spi_t *obj)
 Abort the current asynchronous operation. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

bool spi_transfer_async ( spi_t *  obj,
const void *  tx,
uint32_t  tx_len,
void *  rx,
uint32_t  rx_len,
const void *  fill_symbol,
spi_async_handler_f  handler,
void *  ctx,
DMAUsage  hint 

Transfer data returning immediately.

objSPI periheral.
txBuffer so send.
tx_lenNumber of symbol in tx.
rxBuffer to store received symbols.
rx_lenNumber of symbol to store in rx.
fill_symbolSymbol to send if tx_len is less than rx_len.
handlerCallback to invoke at the end of the operation.
ctxArgument passed to the callback.
hintHint to help determine the DMA allocation strategy.
void spi_transfer_async_abort ( spi_t *  obj)

Abort the current asynchronous operation.

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