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Data Fields
LlEvt_t Union Reference

Union of all event types. More...

#include <ll_api.h>

Data Fields

wsfMsgHdr_t hdr
LlHwErrorInd_t hwErrorInd
LlAdvReportInd_t advReportInd
LlConnInd_t connInd
LlDisconnectInd_t disconnectInd
LlConnUpdateInd_t connUpdateInd
LlCreateConnCancelCnf_t createConnCancelCnf
LlReadRemoteVerInfoCnf_t readRemoteVerInfoCnf
LlReadRemoteFeatCnf_t readRemoteFeatCnf
LlEncChangeInd_t encChangeInd
LlEncKeyRefreshInd_t keyRefreshInd
LlLtkReqInd_t ltkReqInd
LlLtkReqNegReplyCnf_t ltkReqNegReplyCnf
LlLtkReqReplyCnf_t ltkReqReplyCnf
LlRemConnParamInd_t remConnParamInd
LlAuthPayloadTimeoutInd_t authPayloadTimeoutInd
LlDataLenChangeInd_t dataLenChangeInd
LlReadLocalP256PubKeyInd_t readLocalP256PubKeyInd
LlGenerateDhKeyInd_t generateDhKeyInd
LlScanReportInd_t scanReportInd
LlPhyUpdateInd_t phyUpdateInd
LlExtAdvReportInd_t extAdvReportInd
LlExtScanEnableCnf_t extScanEnableCnf
LlScanReqRcvdInd_t scanReqRcvdInd
LlExtAdvEnableCnf_t extAdvEnableCnf
LlAdvSetTermInd_t advSetTermInd
LlChSelInd_t usedChSelInd
LlPerAdvEnableCnf_t perAdvEnableCnf
LlPerAdvSyncEstdCnf_t perAdvSyncEstdCnf
LlPerAdvReportInd_t perAdvReportInd
LlPerAdvSyncLostInd_t perAdvSyncLostInd
LlPerSyncTrsfRcvdInd_t perASyncTrsfRcvdInd
LlCisEstInd_t cisEstInd
LlCisReqInd_t cisReqInd
LlCreateBigCnf_t createBigCnf
LlTerminateBigInd_t termBigInd
LlBigTermSyncCnf_t bigTermSyncCnf
LlBigSyncEstInd_t bigSyncEstInd
LlBigSyncLostInd_t bigSyncLostInd
LlPeerScaCnf_t peerScaCnf
LlPowerReportInd_t powerRptInd
LlIsoEventCmplInd_t isoEvtCmplInd
LlBigInfoAdvRptInd_t bigInfoInd
LlPathLossThresholdEvt_t pathLossEvt

Detailed Description

Union of all event types.

Definition at line 1462 of file ll_api.h.

Field Documentation

LlAdvReportInd_t advReportInd

LE advertising report.

Definition at line 1467 of file ll_api.h.

LlAdvSetTermInd_t advSetTermInd

LE advertising set terminated.

Definition at line 1492 of file ll_api.h.

LlAuthPayloadTimeoutInd_t authPayloadTimeoutInd

Authentication payload timeout.

Definition at line 1481 of file ll_api.h.

LE Big Info indication.

Definition at line 1511 of file ll_api.h.

LlBigSyncEstInd_t bigSyncEstInd

LE BIG sync established.

Definition at line 1506 of file ll_api.h.

LlBigSyncLostInd_t bigSyncLostInd

LE BIG sync lost.

Definition at line 1507 of file ll_api.h.

LlBigTermSyncCnf_t bigTermSyncCnf

LE BIG terminate sync.

Definition at line 1505 of file ll_api.h.

LlCisEstInd_t cisEstInd

LE CIS established.

Definition at line 1501 of file ll_api.h.

LlCisReqInd_t cisReqInd

LE CIS request.

Definition at line 1502 of file ll_api.h.

LlConnInd_t connInd

LE connection complete.

Definition at line 1468 of file ll_api.h.

LlConnUpdateInd_t connUpdateInd

LE connection update complete.

Definition at line 1470 of file ll_api.h.

LlCreateBigCnf_t createBigCnf

LE create BIG complete.

Definition at line 1503 of file ll_api.h.

LlCreateConnCancelCnf_t createConnCancelCnf

LE create connection cancel status.

Definition at line 1471 of file ll_api.h.

LlDataLenChangeInd_t dataLenChangeInd

Data length changed.

Definition at line 1482 of file ll_api.h.

LlDisconnectInd_t disconnectInd

LE disconnect complete.

Definition at line 1469 of file ll_api.h.

LlEncChangeInd_t encChangeInd

Encryption change.

Definition at line 1474 of file ll_api.h.

LlExtAdvEnableCnf_t extAdvEnableCnf

LE extended advertising enable complete.

Definition at line 1491 of file ll_api.h.

LlExtAdvReportInd_t extAdvReportInd

LE extended advertising report.

Definition at line 1488 of file ll_api.h.

LlExtScanEnableCnf_t extScanEnableCnf

LE extended scan enable completed.

Definition at line 1489 of file ll_api.h.

LlGenerateDhKeyInd_t generateDhKeyInd

Generate Diffie-Hellman key complete.

Definition at line 1484 of file ll_api.h.

Event header.

Definition at line 1464 of file ll_api.h.

LlHwErrorInd_t hwErrorInd

Unrecoverable LL or radio error occurred.

Definition at line 1465 of file ll_api.h.

LlIsoEventCmplInd_t isoEvtCmplInd

VS ISO Event complete.

Definition at line 1510 of file ll_api.h.

LlEncKeyRefreshInd_t keyRefreshInd

Key refresh.

Definition at line 1475 of file ll_api.h.

LlLtkReqInd_t ltkReqInd

LE LTK request.

Definition at line 1476 of file ll_api.h.

LlLtkReqNegReplyCnf_t ltkReqNegReplyCnf

LTK request negative reply status.

Definition at line 1477 of file ll_api.h.

LlLtkReqReplyCnf_t ltkReqReplyCnf

LTK request reply status.

Definition at line 1478 of file ll_api.h.

LE Path loss threshold reporting event.

Definition at line 1512 of file ll_api.h.

LlPeerScaCnf_t peerScaCnf

LE request peer SCA complete.

Definition at line 1508 of file ll_api.h.

LlPerAdvEnableCnf_t perAdvEnableCnf

LE periodic advertising enable complete.

Definition at line 1494 of file ll_api.h.

LlPerAdvReportInd_t perAdvReportInd

LE periodic advertising report.

Definition at line 1496 of file ll_api.h.

LlPerAdvSyncEstdCnf_t perAdvSyncEstdCnf

LE periodic advertising sync established.

Definition at line 1495 of file ll_api.h.

LlPerAdvSyncLostInd_t perAdvSyncLostInd

LE periodic advertising sync lost.

Definition at line 1497 of file ll_api.h.

LlPerSyncTrsfRcvdInd_t perASyncTrsfRcvdInd

LE periodic advertising sync transfer received.

Definition at line 1499 of file ll_api.h.

LlPhyUpdateInd_t phyUpdateInd

PHY update complete.

Definition at line 1487 of file ll_api.h.

LlPowerReportInd_t powerRptInd

LE transmit power reporting indication.

Definition at line 1509 of file ll_api.h.

LlReadLocalP256PubKeyInd_t readLocalP256PubKeyInd

Read local P-256 public key complete.

Definition at line 1483 of file ll_api.h.

LlReadRemoteFeatCnf_t readRemoteFeatCnf

LE read remote features complete.

Definition at line 1473 of file ll_api.h.

LlReadRemoteVerInfoCnf_t readRemoteVerInfoCnf

Read remote version information complete.

Definition at line 1472 of file ll_api.h.

LlRemConnParamInd_t remConnParamInd

LE remote connection parameter request.

Definition at line 1480 of file ll_api.h.

LlScanReportInd_t scanReportInd

Scan report.

Definition at line 1485 of file ll_api.h.

LlScanReqRcvdInd_t scanReqRcvdInd

LE scan request received.

Definition at line 1490 of file ll_api.h.

LlTerminateBigInd_t termBigInd

LE terminate BIG complete.

Definition at line 1504 of file ll_api.h.

LlChSelInd_t usedChSelInd

Used channel selection.

Definition at line 1493 of file ll_api.h.

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