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Data Fields
LlCreateBigTest_t Struct Reference

BIG Create BIG Test message. More...

#include <ll_api.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t bigHandle
uint8_t advHandle
uint8_t numBis
uint32_t sduInterUsec
uint16_t isoInter
uint8_t nse
uint16_t maxSdu
uint16_t maxPdu
uint8_t phys
uint8_t packing
LlFraming_t framing:8
uint8_t bn
uint8_t irc
uint8_t pto
uint8_t encrypt
uint8_t bcstCode [LL_BC_LEN]

Detailed Description

BIG Create BIG Test message.

Definition at line 782 of file ll_api.h.

Field Documentation

uint8_t advHandle

Used to identify the periodic advertising train.

Definition at line 785 of file ll_api.h.

uint8_t bcstCode[LL_BC_LEN]

Code used to derive the session key.

Definition at line 799 of file ll_api.h.

uint8_t bigHandle

Used to identify the BIG.

Definition at line 784 of file ll_api.h.

uint8_t bn

Number of new payloads in each interval for each BIS.

Definition at line 795 of file ll_api.h.

uint8_t encrypt

Unencrypted or Encrypted.

Definition at line 798 of file ll_api.h.

LlFraming_t framing

Unframed or Framed.

Definition at line 794 of file ll_api.h.

uint8_t irc

Number of times the scheduled payload(s) are transmitted in a given event.

Definition at line 796 of file ll_api.h.

uint16_t isoInter

Duration of an isochronous interval for BIG PDUs in 1.25ms unit.

Definition at line 788 of file ll_api.h.

uint16_t maxPdu

Maximum size of payload.

Definition at line 791 of file ll_api.h.

uint16_t maxSdu

Maximum size of a SDU.

Definition at line 790 of file ll_api.h.

uint8_t nse

Total number of subevents in each interval of each BIS in the BIG.

Definition at line 789 of file ll_api.h.

uint8_t numBis

Total number of BISes in the BIG.

Definition at line 786 of file ll_api.h.

uint8_t packing

Sequential or Interleaved packing.

Definition at line 793 of file ll_api.h.

uint8_t phys

Transmitter PHYs of packets.

Definition at line 792 of file ll_api.h.

uint8_t pto

Offset used for pre-transmissions.

Definition at line 797 of file ll_api.h.

uint32_t sduInterUsec

Interval in microseconds of BIG SDUs.

Definition at line 787 of file ll_api.h.

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