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Data Fields
CRYS_RSAFipsKatContext_t Struct Reference

#include <crys_rsa_types.h>

Data Fields

union {
   CRYS_RSAUserPubKey_t   userPubKey
   CRYS_RSAUserPrivKey_t   userPrivKey
union {
   CRYS_RSAPrivUserContext_t   userPrivContext
   CRYS_RSAPubUserContext_t   userPubContext
   CRYS_RSAPrimeData_t   primData
union {
   uint8_t   signBuff [2048/8]
uint8_t encBuff [2048/8]
uint8_t decBuff [((2048/8)-2 *(20)-2)]

Detailed Description

Required for internal FIPS verification for RSA KAT. The RSA KAT tests defined for scheme 2.1 with modulus key size of 2048.

Definition at line 579 of file crys_rsa_types.h.

Field Documentation

uint8_t decBuff[(( 2048 /8)-2 *(20)-2)]

Buffer for decrypted data.

Definition at line 602 of file crys_rsa_types.h.

uint8_t encBuff[ 2048 /8]

Buffer for encrypted data.

Definition at line 600 of file crys_rsa_types.h.

Internal buffers.

Definition at line 594 of file crys_rsa_types.h.

uint8_t signBuff[ 2048 /8]

Buffer for Signed data.

Definition at line 605 of file crys_rsa_types.h.

union { ... } userContext

RSA user's context (either public or private).

union { ... } userData

RSA user's data.

union { ... } userKey

RSA user's key (either public or private).

CRYS_RSAPrivUserContext_t userPrivContext

RSA user's private context.

Definition at line 590 of file crys_rsa_types.h.

CRYS_RSAUserPrivKey_t userPrivKey

RSA user's private key.

Definition at line 585 of file crys_rsa_types.h.

CRYS_RSAPubUserContext_t userPubContext

RSA public user's context.

Definition at line 592 of file crys_rsa_types.h.

RSA user's public key.

Definition at line 583 of file crys_rsa_types.h.

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