mbed to Pmod Adapter board with ethernet and microSD connectors

Hello World

Import programMBD2PMD_WebServer

mbd2pmd Web Server uses the mbd2pmd adapter board to serve files from a microSD card and provide a RESTful interface to the Pmod connector.


Import librarymbd2pmd

mbd2pmd Adapter Board Library




This is a baseboard for the mbed LPC1768 that provides the following features:

  • Ethernet connector with integrated magnetics
  • microSD card connector
  • Pmod connector
  • 8 pin I2C header

This board allows you to put just about any Pmod board online for IoT. This is the smallest board that provides ethernet and microSD connectors and makes a great compact web server.

To assemble the board you will need the following connectors:

  • Molex: 5027740891
  • Molex: 15-91-0080-P
  • Samtec: SSQ-120-02-F-S
  • Samtec: SSQ-106-02-F-D-RA
  • Pulse Electronics: J0C-0003NLT

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