Hello World

Import programTriangles_SG2

Triangle Drawing Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board


Import librarySMARTGPU2

This is the Official SmartGPU 2 processor board library to use with MBED boards!!!



SmartGPU2 intelligent embedded graphics, audio, touchscreen and full datalogger processor!!!



This page presents a library to use a SmartGPU 2 intelligent embedded graphics processor with a 2.4" touch screen from Vizic Technologies:!smartgpu-2/c1rc2 The LCD module features are :

  • 2.4“ LCD capable of displaying 262,144 colors.
  • Easy 5 pin interface to any host device: VCC, TX, RX, GND, RESET.
  • Video Playback(up to 60FPS) and Audio(CD Quality) capable.
  • On-board uSD/uSDHC memory card adaptor compatible with FAT(windows PC), Support up to 32GB for storing images(BMP,JPG), text, songs, videos,etc.
  • Integrated File management/Data logger functions(Create, Read, Write, etc), with LFN support
  • Integrated Touch screen driver(controller), 10 bit accuracy touch.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Integrated RTC(real time clock) + 16Kb EEPROM
  • BaudRate speed up to 2Meg bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit.
  • 5V and 3V3 I/O compatible,3V3 power supply.
  • External reset switch
  • Low-cost LCD display graphics user interface solution.
  • Comprehensive set of built in high level graphics functions and algorithms that can draw lines, circles, text, and much more.
  • 13 different fonts and sizes.
  • compatible with any microcontroller(8051,pic,AVR,ARM,mbed,FPGAs,Arduino,PC) and development boards with a UART/USART.


SmartGPU Side

Comparison of processors loads:

processors loads

Connecting the SmartGPU 2

  • You will need to power the screen with 3.3V.
  • You can use any of the 2 pairs of TX and RX pins(they are internally wired) for serial communication.
  • If you use an external power source, make sure the mbed ground and external power ground are linked otherwise the serial commands will not be received correctly by the screen.
  • Use one of the three Serial pairs of pins (p9, p 10) (p13, p14) or (p27, p28) from the mbed to connect them with the SmartGPU2(up to 3 SmartGPUs can be connected simultaneously to mbed!).
  • Use one pin for reseting the screen.
  • The way to use the library is SmartGPU2 lcd(TXPIN,RXPIN,RESETPIN); (TX,RX,Reset)

SMARTGPU connection

SmartGPU2 mbed Library

You can import the SmartGPU2 mbed Library from here :

Import librarySMARTGPU2

This is the Official SmartGPU 2 processor board library to use with MBED boards!!!

Once it is imported to your program folder, just insert the #include "SMARTGPU2.h" in your main.cpp and create the object with SMARTGPU2 lcd(TXPIN,RXPIN,RESETPIN); (TX,RX,Reset)

Example Code


#include "mbed.h"
#include "SMARTGPU2.h"

SMARTGPU2 lcd(TXPIN, RXPIN, RESETPIN);        //(TX,RX,Reset), pins are defined in "smartgpu2.h"
int main(){  
 lcd.reset();                    //physically reset SMARTGPU
 lcd.start();                    //initialize the SMARTGPU processor
 while(1){                       //loop forever
  lcd.erase();                                         //erase screen
  lcd.putPixel(300,200,CYAN);                          //draw a pixel
  lcd.drawLine(50,50,150,200,WHITE);                   //draw a line
  lcd.drawRectangle(10,10,200,180,RED,UNFILL);         //draw a rectangle
  lcd.drawCircle(160,120,50,GREEN,UNFILL);             //draw a circle
  lcd.drawTriangle(15,15,200,210,180,70,BLUE,UNFILL);  //draw a triangle
  lcd.putLetter(100,100,MAGENTA,FONT3,TRANS,'E',&L);   //write a single letter 'E'
  lcd.imageBMPSD(0,0,"hydra320");                      //Open image "hydra320.bmp" stored on the microSD card
  lcd.imageJPGSD(0,0,"Koala320");                      //Open image "Koala320.jpg" stored on the microSD card
  lcd.string(10,10,300,220,YELLOW,FONT3,TRANS,"String test for SMARTGPU",&L);  //write a string on the screen
  lcd.stringSD(5,50,300,230,MAGENTA,FONT3,TRANS,BEGINNING,ALLCONTENTS,"text1");  //call the text file "text1.txt" previously stored on the micro SD card
  lcd.playVideoSD(0,0,500);                            //play 500 frames from the video in the microSD card


Images and microSD contents can be downloaded from here:!smartgpu-2/c1rc2

Demos & Source Code

To make it simpler, you can import those demos 100% ready to compile and load:


Import programEllipses_SG2

Ellipses - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programTriangles_SG2

Triangle Drawing Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programGradientRect_SG2

Gradient Rectangles Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programWindow_SG2

Simple Window Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programHouse_SG2

House Drawing Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programObjects_SG2

SmartGPU2 Hardware Objects Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programSimplePaint_SG2

Simple Paint Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board


Import programBounceBalls_SG2

Bouncing Balls - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programSimpleClock_SG2

Simple Clock Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programPhotoframe_SG2

BMP Images Photo Frame Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programGalleryJPG_SG2

JPG Images decompression from the microSD card using SmartGPU2 board - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programPaintPro_SG2

Paint Pro Demo with stylus drawing - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programListContents_SG2

List File Contents on a microSD card Demo, FAT16/FAT32 - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programKeypad_SG2

QWERTY Keypad Touchscreen LCD Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programFileCreation_SG2

File Creation on microSD Card Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programEEPROM_SG2

EEPROM Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Import programPongGame_SG2

Pong Video Game Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board


Import programFullGUI_SG2

Full IPOD Like GUI Demo - MBED + SmartGPU2 board

Work in progress

  • The library need some extra documentation, but it's 100% functional
  • Be sure to post any bug just in case of.