The SX1280RF1ZHP is fitted with the SX1280 transceiver which, added to a high-performance FSK RF transceiver modem, features the LoRa™ long range modem, the FLRC modem, and integrate an innovative time-of-flight measurement functionality.

Hello World

Import programSX1280PingPong

Simple Ping-Pong demo application between two SX1280 demo boards. Application demonstrating simple Tx/Rx between two boards. By default, each board starts as a "master" and will transmit a "Ping" message, and then wait for an answer. The first board receiving a "Ping" message will become a slave and answer the "master" with a "Pong". The Ping-Pong is then started


Import librarySX1280Lib

Driver for the SX1280 RF Transceiver





This code operate with a touch screen and allow the user to jump across the possibilities of the device. A full User Guide exist for the Dev Kit and can be download from HERE

Import programSX1280DevKit

This code holds the complete demo set for the sx1280: PingPong, PER and Ranging Outdoor demo application. >>>>> This code MUST run on the mbed library release 127 or everything will be painfully slow.

SX1280 mbed Component Shield


The SX1280 and SX1281 transceivers provide ultra long range communication in the 2.4 GHz band with the linearity to withstand heavy interference. This makes them the ideal solution for robust and reliable wireless solutions. They are the first ISM band transceiver IC of their kind to integrate a time-of-flight functionality, opening up application solutions to track and localize people, pets, drones, or objects in a factory. These long range 2.4 GHz products include multiple physical layers and modulations to optimize long range communication at high data rate for video and security applications. Very small products for wearables can easily be designed thanks to the high level of integration and the ultra-low current consumption which allows the use of miniaturized batteries..

SX1280 Features

• Long Range 2.4 GHz transceiver
• High sensitivity, down to -132 dBm
• +12.5 dBm, high efficiency PA
• Low energy consumption, on-chip DC-DC
• LoRa, FLRC, (G)FSK supported modulations
• Programmable bit rate
• Excellent blocking immunity
• Ranging Engine, Time-of-flight function
• BLE PHY layer compatibility
• Low system cost

Board HW details

SX1280RF1ZHP Schematic
SX1280RF1ZHP Layout

Documentation and Software

SX1280 Datasheet
SX1280 LoRa Calculator: fast evaluation of link budget and time on air

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