SDT6378C | SD-Card Deck for SDT HW

SD-Card deck for the SDT Board


SD-Card deck that can be combined with the SDT Board

This is a SD-Card deck, an additional memory connection for applications and programs that require a lot of memory.
It is connected between DAP Station and SDT Board and can be used directly without any additional connection.

#Sigma Delta Technologies

SDT Component

At Sigma Delta Technologies Inc., the SDT Component is a board with an additional function which can be used with SDT Boards through micro-connectors. SDT Components offered exclusively by SDT to add variety of functions to SDT hardware.

SDT Components can not be used independently, so please refer to the below links for SDT HW.

Board Pinout

Every single pins in DAP Station's JT are conntected to SDT6378C's JB.
So SDT6378C's Pinout is perfectly identical to SDT General Pinout.

1. JB Pinout

The JB1 and JB2 of SDT6378C should be connected to JT1 and JT2 of DAP Station


The following pins are connected to the DAP Station:

  • 7 types of power connector: VBUS, VSYS, VBAT, VCC, 3.3V, 1.8V, 1.2V
  • I/O Pin
    - 4 x Analog Pin
    - 7 x GPIO
  • Communication Pin
    - 3 x UART Interface
    - 4 x SPI Interface
    - 3 x I²C Interface
  • JTAG
  • SWD
  • GND

JT Pinout

The JT1 and JT2 of SDT6378C should be connected to JB1 and JB2 of SDT Board.
And JT Pinout of SDT6378C is perfectly same as JB Pinout of SDT6378C.

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