PCA9952/55 16-channel LED driver

The PCA9952/55 is a 16-channel constant current LED driver with a Fm+ I2C interface, and independent current control for each channel.

Hello World

Import programPCA9955_HelloWorld

A simple serial test program for the PCA9952/55 library.


Import libraryPCA9955

A feature complete driver for the PCA9952/55 LED driver from NXP.





The PCA9955 features 4 address pins, while the PCA9952 features 3 address pins and an active-low output enable pin (OE). If the output enable pin is not needed, it can be tied to GND and both parts can be used interchangeably. In addition to per-channel 8-bit PWM, the PCA9952/55 also features a per-channel 8-bit current adjustment from 225µA to a maximum of 57mA.

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