MultiTech SocketModem® Shield

Bringing production-ready cellular connectivity to your Arduino Shield compatible development board.




The SocketModem Shield brings MultiTech's industry leading portfolio of fully approved embedded cellular products to your favorite rapid prototyping platform. MultiTech's SocketModems are not just great for development, but when used as part of a product design, are often the quickest and most cost-effective way of bringing a cellular solution to market. When you want to design and deploy a cellular solution, contact MultiTech sales to learn about our full line of products and services.

Product Discontinued

This product has been discontinued. Contact MultiTech for replacement.

Note The jumpers in the "Jumper Routing Information" section of the Pinout are labeled from the perspective of the MBED baseboard. This means that any custom jumping should connect JP8 to the TX pin on the baseboard and JP9 to the RX pin on the baseboard.


Useful Links

SocketModem Cell Page:

SocketModem iCell Page:

Required Accessories


The SocketModem Shield works with the following MultiTech SocketModems. Refer to or your distributor for additional information about your SocketModem options.

LTE Cat 3

  • MTSMC-LAT1-xxx (US/AT&T)
  • MTSMC-LVW2-xxx (US/Verizon)
  • MTSMC-LEU1-xxx (Euro/GB)

LTE Cat 1

  • MTSMC-LAT3-xxx (US/AT&T)
  • MTSMC-LVW3-xxx (US/Verizon)
  • MTSMC-LSP3-xxx (US/Sprint)

LTE Cat M1

  • MTSMC-MNA1-xxx (US/AT&T/Verizon)


  • MTSMC-H5-xxx (Global)

Cellular Service

To operate your SocketModem, you need a cellular plan that provides data and, depending on your application needs, SMS support.

Shield Compatible Development Board

You need a Shield compatible development board, which can be found here:

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NOTE There is the possibility of data loss while using the G3 SocketModem when streaming large amounts of data over the cellular connection and logging extremely large amounts of data to the serial debug port. Normal use cases will most likely not encounter this issue. If the issue is encountered, increasing the speed of the serial debug port to 115k baud, 230k baud, or higher will greatly reduce the risk of data loss.

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