NXP MMA8652 Accelerometer

The MMA8652 is a 12 bit, 3 axis accelerometer

Hello World

Import programHello_MMA8652

A Simple hello world for the MMA8652


Import libraryMMA8652

A basic library for the MMA8652 accelerometer, provides data in either floating point G's or as a signed 16 bit integer.




Freescale's MMA8652FC Xtrinsic 12-bit accelerometer has industry leading performance in a small 2 x 2 x 1 mm DFN package. This accelerometer is packed with embedded functions that include flexible user-programmable options and two configurable interrupt pins. Overall power savings is achieved through inertial wake-up interrupt signals that monitor events and remain in a low-power mode during periods of inactivity.


Low-profile 2 x 2 x 1.0 mm DFN package

High sensitivity: 1 mg per LSB

Low noise: 150 micro g per root Hertz (independent of resolution)

Low-power mode: 7 micro amps

Interrupt and IIC interface supply: 1.62 to 3.6 V

Supply voltage : 1.95 to 3.6 V

Output data rate: 1.5 to 800 Hz