DAC, 16-bit accuracy, digital to analog converter, SPI bus MAX5216

The MAX5216/MAX5214 are 16-bit/14-bit precision digital-to-analog converters (DACs).


The MAX5214/MAX5216 are pin-compatible, 14-bit and 16-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs). The MAX5214/MAX5216 are single/double channel, low-power, buffered voltage-output DACs. The devices use a precision external reference applied through the high resistance input for rail-to-rail operation and low system power consumption. Power consumption is extremely low. The MAX5214/MAX5216 minimize the digital noise feedthrough from input to output with SCLK and DIN input buffers powered down after completion of each serial input frame. On power-up, the MAX5214/MAX5216 reset the DAC output to zero, providing additional safety for applications that drive valves or other transducers that need to be off on power-up. The DAC output is buffered resulting in a low supply current of 80µA (max) and a low offset error of ±0.25mV. A zero level applied to the CLR pin asynchronously clears the contents of the input and DAC registers and sets the DAC output to zero independent of the serial interface.

MAX5214, MAX5216 Key Features

  • Low Power Consumption (80µA max)
  • Safe Power-On Reset (POR) to Zero DAC Output
  • 14-/16-Bit Resolution in a 3mm x 5mm, 8-Pin μMAX (0.65mm pitch) Package
  • Fast 50MHz, 3-Wire, SPI/QSPI/Microwire Compatible Serial Interface
  • Relative Accuracy
    • ±0.40 LSB INL (MAX5214, 14-Bit typ, ±1 LSB max)
    • ±1.2 LSB INL (MAX5216, 16-Bit typ, ±4 LSB max)
  • Buffered Voltage Output Directly Drives 10k Ohm Load
  • Guaranteed Monotonic Over All Operating Ranges
  • Low Gain and Offset Error
  • 2.7V to 5.5V VDD Supply Range
  • Rail-to-Rail Buffered Output Operation
  • Schmitt-Trigger Inputs for Direct Optocoupler Interface
  • Asynchronous CLR Clears DAC Output to Code 0
  • High Reference Input Resistance for Power Reduction
  • -40°C to +105°C operating range
  • 3mm x 5mm, 8-pin µMAX® package (0.65mm pitch)

Sample Program for MAX5216 SPI bus hosted on MAX32630FTHR (Mbed Hello World)

Import programMAX5216_16_Bit_DAC_Hello_Code

Example host software code for the Maxim Integrated MAX5216/MAX5214 16-bit/14-bit SPI bus DAC. Hosted on the MAX32630FTHR FeatherWing micro-controller board.

Firmware/Software Driver Library C++ Source Code for MAX5216,MAX5214 DAC

Import libraryMAX5216_16_Bit_DAC_SPI_Bus_Driver

Driver C++ source code for MAX5216/MAX5214 16-bit/14-bit DAC SPI (50MHz) bus ICs. Low power Digital-to_Analog Converter chips which accept supply voltages of 2.7V to 5.5V. Features Rail-to-Rail Buffered Output Operation and Safe Power-On Reset (POR) to Zero DAC Output.

Pinouts : MAX5216PMB1 to MAX32630FTHR


Block Diagram: Digital Potentiometer


Datasheet for MAX5216/MAX5214 DAC

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