Low Power Temperature Sensor Small WLP Package MAX31875

MAX31875 is a very small WLP package low power temperature sensor. MAX31875 supports high, low triggers stored in EEPROM for hystersis or limit alarms using comparator or interrupt mode. One-shot/shutdown or continuous modes are available.


The MAX31875 is a extremely small WLP package temperature sensor. It supports high, low alarm triggers or hysteresis levels stored in NVRAM. The MAX31875 can operate in shutdown and one-shot mode for very low power applications.

While in standby mode, the current consumed is typically 500nA. Average current is typically <10uA. During a temperature conversion, the typical supply current increases to 80μA. The time of the conversion is dependent on the conversion resolution selected in the configuration register. A 9-bit conversion takes about 18 msec and a 12 bit conversion will be about 140 msec.

Key Features

  • <10µA Average Power Supply Current
  • Standby mode current : typically 500nA.
  • Selectable Timeout Prevents Bus Lockup (Default Enabled)
  • 1 MHz I2C and SMBus Support
  • Selectable PEC (Packet Error Correction) for Reliable Communications
  • +1.6V to +3.6V Power Supply Voltage
  • Tiny size in WLP package: 0.84 mm x 0.84 mm x 0.35 mm.

Accuracy °CTemperature Range °C Accuracy °FTemperature Range °F
+-1.0°C+0.0°C to +70°C +-1.8°F+32°F to +158°F
+-1.75°C-40°C to +145°C+-3.15°F-40°F to +293°F

The MAX31875 tiny package size is ideal for low power and size constrained devices. Typical applications are for wearables, servers, industrial devices, hardware temperature monitoring, thermostats, system temperature monitoring.

MAX31875 Low Power Small Package Temperature monitor example main.c code

Import programMAX31875_Temperature_Sensor_Small_WLP

Sample host software for the Maxim Integrated MAX31875 Low Power Small Package Temperature Sensor. Hosted on the MAX32630FTHR. The MAX31875 may be used in wearables, thermostats, thermometers, and hardware temperature supervisors.

C or C++ Library Code for Low Power Small Package MAX31875 Temperature Sensor

Import libraryMAX31875_Temperature_Sensor_Low_Power

C code and C++ library, driver software for the low-power small WLP package MAX31875 temperature sensor. Code supports one-shot, shut-down/standby, hysteresis, alarm limits.

Pinouts for MAX31875EVKIT to MAX32630FTHR



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