ECG, PACE, R-to-R heart peak, Bio-Z, Biopotential sensor Evaluation Kit MAX30001

Complete Electrocardiagram (ECG/EKG), biopotential and bioimpedance (BioZ), analog front-end (AFE) solution for wearable applications.

Hello World

Import programMAX30001-MAX32630FTHR-ECG-EVKIT

Host software for the MAX30001 ECG, PACE, biopotential, bioimpedance, R-to-R peak sensor. Hosted on the MAX32630FTHR.


Import libraryMAX30001-MAX32630FTHR-EVKIT-LIBRARY

MBED library software for the MAX30001 ECG, PACE, biopotential, bioimpedance, R-to-R peak sensor.




The MAX30001 EVKIT board provides an integrated hardware and software solution which allows you to quickly deploy ECG, R-to-R, and pace detection and bioimpedance (BioZ) AFE features into your product design. This board has MAX30001 chip. The MAX30001 is a single biopotential channel providing electrocardiogram (ECG) waveforms, heart rate and pacemaker edge detection, and a single bioimpedance channel capable of measuring respiration. The biopotential and bioimpedance channels have ESD protection, EMI filtering, internal lead biasing, DC leads-off detection, ultra-low-power, leads-on detection during standby mode, and extensive calibration voltages for built-in self-test. Soft power-up sequencing ensures no large transients are injected into the electrodes. Both channels also have high input impedance, low noise, high CMRR, programmable gain, various low-pass and high-pass filter options, and a high resolution analog-to-digital converter. The biopotential channel is DC coupled, can handle large electrode voltage offsets, and has a fast recovery mode to quickly recover from overdrive conditions, such as defibrillation and electro-surgery. The bioimpedance channel includes integrated programmable current drive, works with common electrodes, and has the flexibility for 2 or 4 electrode measurements. It also has AC lead off detection.

The MAX30001 EVKIT board provides the necessary logic rails, master clock, SPI, USB-to-Serial interfaces that are needed to evaluate the MAX30001 EVKIT sensor board. MAX32630FTHR can be used as an independent development platform.

Communication between the PC and the MAX32630FTHR board is facilitated by a Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 compatible software that provides a simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

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