Fuel Gauge Accurate Battery Status Monitor 7uA Temperature Sensor MAX17055

The MAX17055 is a low-power fuel gauge which provides greater accuracy for measuring battery capacity for lithium batteries in portable designs. The MAX17055 provides on-chip temperature measurement. Accurate battery status without characterization.


The MAX17055 is a low power fuel gauge battery status monitor IC. The operating current is a low 7 micro-Amps. The chip uses the ModelGauge m5 EZ algorithm which makes fuel gauge implementation easy by eliminating battery characterization requirements and simplifying host software interaction.

The ModelGauge m5 EZ versatile algorithm is tolerant of the most widely used lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries and includes Fuel Gauge Learning. ModelGauge allows time to full, time to empty forecasting.

ModelGauge m5 Benefits:

  • No Characterization Required for EZ Performance
  • Robust Against Battery Variation
  • Eliminates Error Near Empty Voltage
  • Eliminates Coulomb Counter Drift
  • Current, Temperature, and Age Compensated
  • Does Not Require Empty, Full, or Idle States
  • Best State of Charge Accuracy
  • Longest Battery Run-time
  • Robust Safety and Security
  • ±1°C Internal Temperature Readings

Small 1.4mm x 1.5mm WLP packaging.

Example main.c EzConfig software hosted on MAX32620FTHR

Import programMAX17055_EZconfig_Sample

Sample code for the MAX17055 Fuel Gauge with EZ config Initialization API implemented. The MAX17055 is part of the MAX32620FTHR

C++ Firmware Code Driver Library with MAX17055 EZconfig APIs (ModelGauge m5)

Import libraryMAX17055_EZconfig

This is a library for the MAX17055 Li+ Battery Fuel Gauge.

MAX17055 ModelGauge Linux C source code


Sample Program hosted on MAX32620FTHR, Hello World

Import programMAX32620FTHR_FuelGauge

Example for onboard MAX17055 Fuel Gauge driver

Software C++ Code Driver Library

Import libraryMAX17055

MAX17055 driver

Simple Fuel Gauge Diagram


MAX17055 WLP, TDFN PinOuts


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