3-Axis High-G, Low Noise Accelerometer


Import libraryKX134-1211 Driver

Driver for KX134-1211 Accelerometer




The KX134-1211 is a capable accelerometer useful for data collection applications and high g environments. It's basically a straight upgrade of the ADXL375, with a similar digital interface but higher resolution and less error.

Sensor Features:

  • Measurement Range: Adjustable from ±8g to ±64g
  • Resolution: 16 bits, evenly distributed across the complete measurement range
  • Data Rate / Averaging Period: Adjustable from 0.78Hz to 25.6kHz

Error Specifications:

  • Zero-G Offset (what the chip reads at 0 gs): ±0.075g
  • Gain Error (possible scaling factor error on output reading): ±8.0%
  • Noise (random noise added to measurement value): 300*sqrt(sample rate) µg
    • In RPL's testing, this value is somewhat worse than quoted, while still good.
      • At 20 Hz we measure ±300 µg
      • At 200 Hz we measure ±800 µg
      • At 6400 Hz and 25.6kHz we measure ±300,000 µg
  • Cross Axis Sensitivity (affect of force in one axis on output of another axis): 2%

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