ISL1208 Real Time Clock

The ISL1208 is a low-cost I2C real time clock with very few external components. The calendar is accurate through 2099, with automatic leap year correction. It also features 2 bytes of battery-backed SRAM, and a configurable open-drain fOUT/IRQ pin.

Hello World

Import programISL1208_HelloWorld

A simple serial test program for the ISL1208 library.


Import libraryISL1208

A feature complete driver for the ISL1208 real time clock from Intersil.




A 32.768kHz crystal, and a 0.1μF bypass capacitor on VDD are the only external components required to implement the ISL1208. If battery backup is required (and it usually is), a second 0.1μF bypass capacitor should be connected to VBAT.

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