IN11 | Interface for SDT Board

Interface for SDT51822B, SDT52832B and SDT64B




1. Interface

The Interface programs and debugs SDT Board. An Interface is connected to SDT Board via the DAP Station and is powered by a PC through a USB cable. It is important that you use the right Interface for your Target MCU, since there are designated Target MCUs that are compatible with a certain Interface. IN11 is Interface for SDT51822B, SDT52832B and SDT64B.

2. DAPLink Interface Firmware

This programming process uses the Arm Mbed DAPLink to drive the Interface. The following functions are provided.

1) Drag-and-drop Programming (MSC)
The SDT board is connected to the computer and drag-and-drop programming can be performed on the flash of the SDT board.

2) Virtual Serial Port (CDC)
Serial connection from the SDT board to PC. The code written by the PC goes into the Interface and SDT board.

3) CMSIS-DAP Based Debugging (HID)
This is a compatible feature when you want to see detailed events that occur on the SDT board and Interface with an advanced debugger such as Keil or GDB.

3. DAPLink Programming Mode

DAPLink has two programming modes.

First, you can write to the Interface flash to update the firmware of the Interface. It’s called bootloader mode. We recommend that you never update to an unverified version. It may cause serious problems.

Second, you can write to the memory of the SDT Board for programming. You can debug the SDT Board using this mode.

4. How to connect Interface with SDT Board and DAP Station


- Prepare the Interface suitable for the SDT Board.

- Connect SDT Board to DAP Station.

- Use SD-TAG to connect Interface to DAP Station.


- Connect PC to Interface using Micro B-Type USB.

- Supply power to SDT Board using DAP Station’s Micro B-Type USB Connector.

- Use the online compiler on the Arm Mbed homepage or CLI to program and compile.

- Move the compiled file (.bin or .hex) into the DAPLink drive.

  • For efficient connection, the SD-TAG of the DAP Station and SD-TAG Pin of the IN11 is symmetrically positioned.
  • The IN11 uses JTAG_TDO pin to serve as SWO.
  • The IN11 supports SWD and UART communication for programming and debugging. It does not support JTAG.

5. How to download a firmware of IN11

When you connect a new Interface, it will appear on your disk drive as “CRP Disabled. In order to program the IN11:

- Open “CRP Disabled” drive, and delete “firmware.bin” file

- Download required image from the IN11 Page.

- Copy, or drag-and-drop “.bin file” to “CRP Disabled” drive.

  • On Linux/Mac, use command: dd if={new_firmware.bin} of={firmware.bin} conv=notrunc

- Unplug IN11 and plug it back in.

- It will now appear on your disk drive as “DAPLink”

  • You can re-program IN11 multiple times by disconnecting power, and then reconnecting power with the RST button held down. Then, the Interface will appear as “CRP Disabled” drive, allowing you to repeat the above steps.

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