Grove Recorder

Grove Recorder is based on ISD1820P, which can record 8~20 sec by set resistor and cycle play.

Hello World

Import programSeeed_Grove_Recorder_Example

Example program for the Seeed Grove Recorder module


Import libraryISD1820P

Sound recorder and playback device




Grove - Recorder is based on the ISD1820P chip, and can record 8-20 secs of audio. It offers true single-chip voice recording and provides non-volatile storage. The recording time can be varied by changing the sampling resistor (R6) on the module's PCB. By default, the resistor on-board has a value of 100KΩ and thus the module offers a default recording time of 10 secs. The audio recording can be directly controlled by the on-board push button or by a micro-controller such as a Seeeduino.


  • Low power consumption
  • Non-volatile storage
  • User-friendly operation
  • Replace a single resistor to change recording duration and sampling frequency
  • Add a resistor to set play cycle mode
  • Ships with and connects to an 8Ω/2W mini-speaker (as shown in the picture)
  • Uses Standard 4-pin Grove Cables to connect to other Grove modules or a micro-controller such as the Seeeduino.

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