Daplink Interface & Tectonic Edge Breakout



The Flidor board is a programmer, debugger, and breakout interface for Tectonic Edge compatible target devices. The Flidor board includes a DAPlink interface featuring a K20DX microcontroller with supporting circuitry, allowing the Flidor board to power a target MCU and connect it to a computer via USB for debugging. The Flidor board can also connect to devices for programming/debugging through the Cortex Debug/+ETM pins. Additionally, Flidor features a breakaway FaultLine connector as an option for choosing the orientation in which you can connect Tectonic Edge devices.

Featured Connectors:

Header NameRef DesPurpose
Tectonic Edge (Target)J22Physically connect target device to Flidor for programming/debugging
Cortex DebugJ18External programming/debugging of target device
Cortex Debug+ETMJ20External programming/debugging of target device (with ETM capability)
Target USBJ25USB lines broken out directly from target device
DC Barrel JackJ001Power input for target only (center-positive DC barrel jack)
JST ConnectorJ8Power input for target only (intended for battery use)
Banana JacksJ9, J10Power input for target only (4mm banana jack)
VBATJ7Power input for target only (0.1"/2.54mm male pin header)
I2C and SPIJ14I2C and SPI lines broken out directly from target device
QSPI ProgrammingJ21QSPI lines broken out directly from target device
Debug UARTJ17UART lines broken out directly from target device (designated for debugging)
UARTJ13General use UART lines broken out directly from target device
GPIOJ1GPIO lines broken out directly from target device
DHD JTAGJ16JTAG pins broken out from the K20DX / Debug Host Device (DHD) for programming/debugging
DHD USBJ4USB connection for the K20DX/DHD (powers the debugger circuit and data connection to computer)
FaultLineJ26Break-off physical right-angle connector for Tectonic Edge devices for extended orientation options

Featured Jumpers:

Header NameRef DesDefaultEffect
Input Source for Target VoltageJ16pins 2-3 ("Jacks"), uncutSelect voltage source to regulator
Target Device Supply VoltageJ123.3VSelect voltage level for target


Debug Interface Firmware Update

The latest DAPLink interface firmware downloads are available at (click the image):

DAPLink firmware for AGORA

Step by step firmware upgrade instructions

Source: https://github.com/ARMmbed/DAPLink

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