FastPixel LPD8806 Addressable LED Strip

Heroic Robotics FastPixel LED strip

Hello World

Import programFastPixelDemo

Example program for Heroic Robotics FastPixel LED strip driver.


Import libraryFastPixelLPD8806

DMA-enabled high data rate driver for Heroic Robotics LED strips.



FastPixel is a family of high-performance LED strips intended for persistence-of-vision displays, video wall and motion picture applications. This driver uses the DMA engine and SSP peripherals on mbed to drive two simultaneously at up to 48 Mbit/sec, though external line drivers may be necessary to achieve this on your platform.

While this driver is designed and optimized for use with Heroic Robotics' strips, it may also work (at reduced performance) with other LPD8806 LED strips.

Heroic Robotics LED strips come terminated with a convenient 0.1" connector that is compatible with standard header pins, whose pinout is +5v, data, clock, ground (from left to right).

This driver is derived from the driver used in the Heroic Robotics PixelPusher devices. If you want to drive lots of LEDs, you should check it out. It's easier and probably cheaper than building your own.

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