FXAS21000 Gyro

The FXAS21000 is a three axis gyro from Freescale

Hello World

Import programHello_FXAS21000

A simple hello world for the FXAS21000 gyro from Freescale


Import libraryFXAS21000

Basic component library for the FXAS21000 gyro from Freescale




The FXAS21000 Xtrinsic 3-axis gyroscope is the latest addition to our extensive family of inertial, magnetic, pressure and touch sensors. Freescale serves as your one stop for building a 9-axis solution comprised of a FXAS21000 gyroscope, accelerometer and a magnetometer for use in game controllers, electronic compass stabilization and enhanced motion control.

The FXAS21000 14-bit I2C/SPI gyroscope incorporates advanced embedded features enabling significant system-level power savings over competing solutions. To operate with low-power, the FXAS21000 gyroscope is capable of measuring a maximum full scale range of +/- 1600 degrees per second, with output data rates (ODR) of 1.5625 to 200 Hz.

The FXAS21000 gyroscope is user configurable to generate an interrupt when a programmable event threshold occurs on any one of the sensing axes. Smart sensing technology enables events with durations shorter than the sample time to be captured and processed, reducing the real-time processing requirements of the host.

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