DAP Station Ver.mikroBUS™ | Expansion board for developing SDT Boards with MikroBUS

The DAP Station Ver.mikroBUS™ is designed to meet MikroBUS standards provided by MikroElektronika



Board Features

  • Serial Peripherals
    • USB 2.0
    • 1 x TC2050
    • 1 x SD-TAG
    • 3 x UART Interface (12 pins)
    • 4 x SPI Interface (24 pins)
    • 3 x I²C Interface (6 pins)
    • 7 x GPIO
    • 4 x Analog

#Sigma Delta Technologies

How to use DAP (Debug Access Port) Station Ver.mikroBUS™

1. General Description

The DAP Station Ver.mikroBUS™ is designed to meet MikroBUS standards provided by MikroElektronika, making it easy to use multiple Mikro Click Boards with SDT Boards. It allows up to 8 Mikro Click Boards to be connected at the same time. Ranging from 140 sensor boards to over 300 different boards, Mikro Click Boards allow easy testing to suit your development needs. MikroElektronika also provides a C-based library of Click Boards. This allows you to quickly and easily create desired development environment.

2. Benefits and Features

- Simple connection

- Micro-USB Type-B connection for SDT Board Power Supply.

- Easy debugging and programming SDT Board via Interface.

- Useful 8 MikroBUS sockets for easy usage of Mikro Click Board.

3. How to connect DAP Station with SDT Board and Interface

- Prepare the Interface suitable for the SDT Board.


- Connect SDT Board to DAP Station.

- Use SD-TAG of Interface to connect with DAP Station.


- Connect PC to Interface using Micro B-Type USB.

- Supply power to SDT Board using DAP Station’s Micro B-Type USB Connector.

- Use the online compiler on the Arm Mbed homepage or CLI to program and compile.

- Move the compiled file (.bin or .hex) into the DAPLink drive.

  • For efficient connection, the SD-TAG of the DAP Station and the SD-TAG of the Interface (Table 2) are symmetrically positioned.
  • IN11 uses JTAG_TDO pin to serve as SWO.
  • IN11 and IN25 support SWD and UART communication for programming and debugging. They do not support JTAG.

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